Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Natural Gas Boom: Now a North Carolina Issue

I am interrupting the current blog series because of a current local issue and event.  Aperture will be showing a movie that discusses fracking for natural resources.  More details of the event are at the bottom of the post.  This post briefly covers my beliefs on the topic, the brief summary of the issue as it relates to NC, and event details.

Recently, my home state, North Carolina, got news that it may have significant pockets of natural gas that would make fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, a possibility in the near future.  I have mixed feelings.  And as part of my mixed feelings, I have turned to the blogiverse to sort out my thoughts.  I am for solar and wind energy like many people would say.  On the other hand, I am also realistic that renewable resources are more expensive and have their own limitations, also like most others would say.  Unlike most people I am less ready to allow the limitations to drive me into acceptance of fossil fuels.  No, I do not have solar panels on my roof.  No, I don’t even typically recycle.  I hold that responsibility up to companies and the government.  If a utility company came to me and said, ‘We would like to install these panels on your roof.  There will be no up front cost.  The cost to us will be made up by charging the same rate as if you did not have the panels.’  I would agree.  Maybe there was some small monthly payment that would be required at first to make the financials work out.  That would still be acceptable.  And I can tell you also that there already are companies that offer this service.  As far as recycling, the majority of the county I live in get service for this as part of their waste management.  Because I live outside the city limits recycling is not provide.  

The gas pockets in North Carolina have been considered for development after the BP oil spill, after other states have had successes and failures with fracking, and after the documentary Gasland raised concerns about the potential harmful effects.  With that in mind a study was commissioned to investigate the impacts that introducing this industry into North Carolina would have.  There have been 2 meetings to discuss the findings of the study and to listen to public opinion.  

This Thursday (4/26), a local independent movie theater, Aperture Cinema, will be showing “Split Estate” at 7:30pm.  The film examines the practice of fracking.  After the movie there will be a presentation on how North Carolina will specifically be impacted, the current and proposed regulations, and how residents can get involved.  Admission is free.

311 west fourth st.winston salem nc

Tomorrow I will expand on how I believe the issue should be approached and later in the week I will give a summary of the Aperture event.  After that, back to the lighter side of blogging for a couple weeks.

UP NEXT: Natural Gas Boom- My Take

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