Sunday, April 22, 2012

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In Features: Spreading "ideas worth spreading" -- Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish)
My first 2 posts, and likely many more feature videos from TED talks; a great source of "ideas worth spreading". This article gives a brief background of TED and shows how it has recently started to spread into Eastern/Middle-Eastern countries.  Technology and communication are responsible for informing people across the globe who otherwise would be reacting to limited and filtered sources.  When countries decide to cut their citizens off from the internet they tweeted their situation to the rest of the globe.  Guess what else made this possible, the mass dispersion of cell phones from China.  Many of these would be the illegitimate copies that tend to proliferate.  The lesson is that just like grass finds its way through concrete, information will find a way to spread.  I am not justifying undercutting markets with cheap knock-offs or downloading media without authorization.  However, enacting laws that try to stop this spread is nearly pointless and counter-productive as someone will figure out how to add new threads to the web that circumvent the laws in place.  For several years there have been articles with headlines along the lines of 'The Great Firewall of China'.  Now, the US is trying to enact legislation that could result in similar information blockades.  Citizens and tech companies stopped SOPA and PIPA, but now CISPA is making it's way through congress.  As I have implied before, don't be against CISPA because I am, be against it because you decide it is wrong.  Likely the most concise and unbiased information can be found  Just search CISPA.  If you decide you are against it, sign a petition against it.  I went with one on  To take further action contact your congressman.

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