Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CERN Higgs-Boson Announcement Summary

This is my light-hearted summary of what should prove to be a massive announcement about the search for the Higg-Boson particle.  This one is popularly referred to as the God particle by media.  While no where near that important, it is expected that this particle is responsible for giving larger particles,i.e. electrons, their mass.  Here are some highlights from the conference.  I try to be humorous because that is frequently lacking.

Image of Particles as They are Smashed Together

Pre-conference- entertaining because there is a woman that looks very upset who has a person sitting next to her, talking animatedly, that looks like Santa on vacation.  Got to love the science community.

First international particle conference conducted simultaneously at multiple global research centers.

Standard model is confirmed to 99%. A missing part is finding the Higgs-Boson particle.

A lot of talk over my head:)

Sounds like he is reviewing some statistics to cover his ass.  There were false claims several months earlier.  Not really false, but people kept leaking they found evidence when their evidence was not validated enough to gaurantee a high enough probability.

Looks like some charts roughly discussing vibration dampening at the particle scale. Insane.

Multi-varied technique to ... I'm going to start using that term at work.  Think that could go far.

He is being pushed to explain charts with whole semesters of info in about 10 seconds each.

haha.  He said TT bar. Prob has plans there afterwards too.

blah blah blah 5 standard deviations. Applause. Also likely high fives and chest bumps. Implies high probability (never talk of certainties) Higgs-Boson exists.

Cell phone just went off. For reals, at the climax.

Final result was 4.9 standard deviations probability that Higgs exists.

The results are open and available to everyone.  As all research should be.  Looking at you, universities.

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